• Recon Strategy® is a consulting firm focused on strategy and innovation in health care. We provide strategic advice and execution support to our clients to help them anticipate and adapt to changes in the health care environment in order to gain competitive advantage.

    Recon offers an alternative model of consulting engagement based on:

    • A passion for strategic thinking.
    • Seasoned partners directly executing the analysis.
    • Highly flexible resourcing model.
    • Leveraging client capabilities rather than teams of junior consultants.
    • Willingness to tie compensation to results.

    This model enables us to work effectively with a range of clients from multi-billion dollar corporations to early stage startups. Working with startups gives us a tremendous edge in being close to grass roots innovation in health care and enables us to serve our larger clients better.


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    RECON Strategy® LLC
    One Broadway 14th Floor
    Cambridge, MA 02142
    EMAIL: info@reconstrategy.com
    BLOG: blog.reconstrategy.com


    Recon Strategy® partners have had the privilege of working with large and midsize corporations, startup companies and non-profits of various kinds.

    Our clients have included:
    Payers and Providers:
    •   National health insurance major covering 10s of millions of lives
    •   Regional payers ranked among the highest quality plans in the U.S.
    •   Leading Medicaid plan
    •   "Top-3" ranked PBM
    •   World renowned multi hospital health care system
    •   Leading ACO
    Healthcare IT:
    •   Leading EMR vendor
    •   Healthcare IT services vendor
    •   Clinical data analytics company startup
    •   Leading disease management /wellness providers
    Pharma and Biotech:
    •   2 of the 3 largest global pharmaceutical companies
    •   3 major biotech companies
    •   Top specialty pharmacy
    •   Leading retail pharmacy
    Early Stage Companies:
    •   Diagnostic device company
    •   Clinical data analytics company
    •   Home monitoring technology


    Our core business is strategy consulting. We help clients make difficult choices. This is what we're best at! 

    We are often asked by our clients to help execute strategy. This usually takes the form of us taking on a quasi-leadership role or an advisory role working with client team members. Since we do not have large teams we do not take on large scale implementation projects on a turnkey basis.


    Frame strategic choices and hypotheses around viable options

    Build perspective on economics, sources of advantage and uncertainty (including scenario analysis)

    Develop insight through internal and external viewpoints and rigorous analytics

    Make specific recommendations /contingencies supported by logic and analysis

    Build buy-in among decision-makers and execution team along the way

    Evaluate the context and set ground rules, criteria, processes up front

    Deploy a transparent, fact-based process for decision making

    Drive execution

    Build organizational capability to take over


    Here are some examples of the kinds of projects we have worked on recently and selected case studies:

    STRATEGY   [ framing + evaluating choices ]

    •   Payer growth strategy   [CASE STUDY]
    •   Medical device entry   [CASE STUDY]
    •   Provider network strategy   [CASE STUDY]
    •   Private exchange strategy
    •   Diagnostic business model innovation
    •   New business opportunities
    •   Strategic due diligence
    •   Competitive landscaping and game theory
    •   Health insurance scenario analysis
    •   EMR bundling strategy
    EXECUTION   [ getting things done ]

    •   High performance provider network   [CASE STUDY]
    •   Health plan vendor alliance   [CASE STUDY]
    •   Medical management performance   [CASE STUDY]
    •   Biotech R&D reorganization   [CASE STUDY]
    •   AMC research center plan   [CASE STUDY]
    •   EMR analytics pilot approach
    •   ACO partnership enablement
    •   Payer member experience diagnostic
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    [ Strategy ]    [ Payer Growth Strategy ]
    Regional payer with significant government business and growing commercial business

    Facing threats to business due to competition and health reform

    Need to revamp commercial strategy and build commercial business in face of major corporate development

    Too many open questions and lack of focus

    Detailed quantitative market segmentation and insight from external qualitative studies (brokers and employers)

    Assessment of internal strengths and gaps relating to commercial business

    CEO and leadership team aligned on commercial strategy

    Recommendations on segments, channels, product, network and capabilities

    Rolled out clear strategy for commercial business

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    [ Strategy ]    [ Payer Growth Strategy ]
    Regional payer with significant government business and growing commercial business

    Facing threats to business due to competition and health reform

    Need to revamp commercial strategy and build commercial business in face of major corporate development

    Too many open questions and lack of focus

    Detailed quantitative market segmentation and insight from external qualitative studies (brokers and employers)

    Assessment of internal strengths and gaps relating to commercial business

    CEO and leadership team aligned on commercial strategy

    Recommendations on segments, channels, product, network and capabilities

    Rolled out clear strategy for commercial business

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    [ Strategy ]    [ Medical Device Entry ]
    Prototype technology capable of shifting $10B+ device market from analog to digital diagnostics

    Potential for applications in other markets (e.g. consumer)

    Uncertainty within board on:
    •   Strategy for devices market
    •   Priority of other markets
    •   If/when/what to sell to strategic investors
    •   Key drivers of valuation

    Series A funding running out
    Board and executive team aligned on strategy and value drivers

    Pursuing consumer market in parallel given identified feasible entry points and "hot spot" potential

    Discussions with strategic acquirers initiated with clear goals, threshold terms, and a strong BATNA based on a compelling "go it alone" strategy

    Close on series B funding at attractive valuation

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    [ Strategy ]    [ Provider Network Strategy ]
    Current approach creating incremental improvements but no deep, strategic partnerships with providers

    Sense of falling behind competitors which were announcing many new payment arrangements and alliances with providers

    Ambiguity across senior leadership regarding:
    •   How deep the provider partnerships have to be
    •   How to mitigate risks of provider consolidation
    and leverage
    •   What the strategy should be

    Lack of a clear direction or a defined portfolio of options

    Key provider systems prioritized based on strategic importance and willingness to collaborate

    A well-defined portfolio of provider collaboration options ranging in topic and degree of commitment/riskiness

    Customized 5 year roadmaps for prioritized provider systems showing which options would be pursued and in what sequence

    Direct input into discussions with one major system, leading to joint efforts to implement/ explore four collaboration options

    Senior management alignment around a clear direction for provider strategy

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    [ Execution ]    [ High-Performance Provider Network ]
    Need to enhance a national provider-facing program to stay ahead of competitors

    Planned enhancement was in an area in which there were critical gaps internally:
    •   Capacity: leadership stretched with recent
    •   Expertize: team lacking relevant
    capabilities in data/ vendor/ analytics

    Analytical methodology not yet developed

    Project running well behind schedule

    On-time delivery of a highly visible national provider program at risk

    Recon responsible for day-to-day management of project team

    Analytic methodology developed, validated and implemented

    Multiple critical issues addressed and risks avoided or mitigated

    Complex project with multiple data vendors, sophisticated analysis and many dependencies delivered on time

    Learnings documented for future programs

    On path for successful launch and a template for future similar programs

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    [ Execution ]    [ Health Plan Vendor Alliance ]
    Formal patient centered medical home (PCMH) alliance in place for six months

    Significant on-the-ground diagnostic and planning work not translating into action

    Expectations of leading local providers not being met

    Diffuse accountabilities leading to silos and finger-pointing across companies

    CEO level questions about ability to execute

    Tactical roadmap of action items, deadlines and accountabilities in place:
    •   Targeted to generate results tangible to key providers within 3 weeks

    New senior coordinating group established to oversee implementation

    Identified additional collaboration opportunities across the two companies:
    •   Concrete sales cases

    Execution team "owns" clear and specific plan of action aligned with leadership goals

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    [ Execution ]    [ Medical Management Performance ]
    Vendor providing medical management interventions to health plans concerned about one major program

    Multiple , overlapping legacy services were replaced by bundled product targeting critical cost driver (in-patient care)

    Very early signs that in-patient costs were not trending as promised the client

    Unclear if service was significantly under-performing or market specific distortions were driving admits

    Large customer relationship at risk

    All hypotheses on market distortions affecting in-patient care cost disproven

    Approach to quantitative analysis refined to get deeper and more accurate view of performance

    Identified program gaps in addressing specific sub-populations:
    •   Especially ones "lost in the shuffle" during
    the original consolidation of legacy

    Productive dialog with customer leading to renewed contract and improved trust

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    [ Execution ]    [ Biotech R&D reorganization ]
    R&D organization seen as losing effectiveness

    CEO decided to trim portfolio and restructure organization around core programs

    HR and R&D leadership face challenges:
    •   New and unfamiliar governance and
    organization model
    •   Severe constraints on budget and
    headcount leading to conflicts

    CEO level questions about ability to execute

    R&D organization restructured and resized around new model and new capacity requirements

    Critical people and capabilities retained despite many being placed in new roles

    Process seen by all participants as difficult but fair and information-driven

    Successful transition with no program disruption and limited unplanned attrition

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    [ Execution ]    [ AMC Research Center Plan ]
    Large Academic Medical Center aiming to build a world-leading care delivery innovation and scaling infrastructure

    Ambitious project led by charismatic leader with ability to bring in significant funds

    But, project held up by lack of alignment on operating model and terms of partnership with a major university

    High complexity due to multiple stakeholders including founding institutions, grant sources & philanthropists

    Need for an operational and financial plan that works with multiple stakeholders

    CEO of AMC and University Dean aligned on goals and priorities for new center

    Governance structure and organization plan being implemented

    Detailed operating plan that directly informs the MoU between the institutions

    Approved financial model and projected 5-year P&L for center (high complexity with different requirements from each institution)

    Framework for types of agreements with various stakeholders

    Center launched with support from multiple stakeholders


    Our model is centered on experienced partners working hands-on with clients. Our partners are supported by a small team of top-notch professionals and a close-knit network of world-class partners who we work with extensively. Partners include: qualitative and quantitative research (including offshore capability), expert networks, professional focus group moderation, market research, modeling and data analytics and visualization and, most importantly, senior client advisors (former BCG/ McKinsey/ Corporate executives).

    Meet our core team:

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    Nikhil Bhojwani

    Nikhil spent 8 years with BCG where he was a core member of the strategy, and healthcare practice areas. Experienced in working with health plans, biotech and pharma companies, med devices and health care services, Nikhil has helped his clients innovate and execute solutions, develop strategy, make critical business decisions and plan and enable executive level and organization wide change.

    Prior to BCG, Nikhil co-founded and ran media businesses in India and was a guest columnist and author. He is a graduate of St. Stephen's College and The Wharton School.
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    Tory Wolff

    Tory spent 12 years with The Boston Consulting Group where he was a leader in health care services strategy. Experienced in health plans, PBMs, disease management and specialty pharmacy, Tory is an expert on navigating health reform, health care innovation and business strategy. He is the author of several whitepapers on related topics.

    Prior to BCG, Tory founded and ran a management consulting firm in Europe. He is a graduate of Yale College, M.I.T. Sloan School and Universitaet Mannheim.
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    Jay Chyung

    Jay was a Consultant at Boston Consulting Group, where he focused on healthcare strategy. Jay is a client advisor at Recon focused on helping companies transform innovations into sustainable enterprises. Jay is a Board member and Co-Founder at NeoCORTA, where he developed proprietary technology and scientific platforms to deliver cognitive and emotional health assessments.

    Prior to BCG, Jay was Medical Director and Head of Translational Research and Analytics at Healthways, where Jay most recently led a corporate venture opportunity for the CEO and board of directors. Jay's other responsibilities included leading value proposition development, predictive analytics, performance monitoring, and intervention design. Jay graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Biochemical Sciences, and from Harvard Medical School with an MD-PhD degree.
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    Sandra Rehm Smith

    Sandra has over 16 years of experience combining strategy consulting and execution. She has led growth strategy engagements at The Boston Consulting Group and Catalyst Strategies for leading companies in several sectors including health care and international development. She brings significant operational experience including launching and managing a first-in-kind service for retail clients at Charles Schwab and through her work on payer operations.

    Sandra holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a BASC in Industrial Engineering with honors and a MASC of Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto. Sandra has authored white papers and academic studies on strategic planning and performance evaluation.
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    Anne Wilkins

    Anne is founding member of our Senior Advisory Board and has led several projects at Recon including most recently commercial strategy for a regional health plan. Both at Recon and at her independent practice, Anne focuses on helping health care and services companies accelerate growth, tackle strategic challenges, and connect to the opportunities in the market today. She is also on the Board of Directors of ZeOmega and on the Health Care Advisory Board of Baird Venture Capital. Anne was formerly Chief Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer of Healthways and a Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group where she led the North America Healthcare Payer Practice.

    Anne has an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a BS in business administration with a concentration in finance, summa cum laude, from The University of Connecticut.
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    Shan Soe-Lin

    In her career with Recon and, previously, at the Boston Consulting Group, Shan has worked on strategic, organizational and operational issues relating to global health and U.S. payers/providers. Her client work has spanned international health NGOs, major global philanthropic foundations, and most recently, a leading Academic Medical Center and the Harvard School of Public Health. She has also worked closely with leading health care thinker, Dave Matheson, and, prior to her consulting career, interned at the Health Systems Governance and Service Delivery unit of the World Health Organization in Geneva.

    Shan has a PhD in Experimental Medicine from McGill University and an MPH from the Harvard School of Public Health and has several published scientific papers.
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    Diana Poon

    Diana has been in strategy and operations consulting in Healthcare since 2008. She has worked at Huron consulting and was a member of the strategy team at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association focused on innovation around national programs that are used by "Blue plans" around the country.
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    Marc Herant, PhD, MD

    Dr. Marc Herant is a Partner at Recon Strategy. He has extensive healthcare experience in roles ranging from executive leadership to strategy consulting and clinical and research positions. During his 5 years at the Boston Consulting Group, Marc worked on critical strategic and operational challenges across healthcare including at top global biotech and pharma companies. He has also served as the chief executive of the implementation agency for the Ministry of Health in Rwanda, an 800+ person organization and as a faculty member in the biomedical engineering department at Boston University.

    Marc has a PhD from Harvard, an MD from Washington University in St. Louis and is a licensed physician in the state of Massachusetts.
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    Jason Brauner, MD

    Dr. Jason Brauner is a Partner at Recon. Jason joined Recon after working in the health care industry as a biotech executive and strategy consultant. Previously, he served as Vice President for Global Medical Affairs at Biogen Idec, responsible for leading an organization that generated and disseminated Phase 4 and post-marketing data for all commercial products. During his 8 years at Biogen Idec, Jason was Program Executive of Tysabri where he managed the product's relaunch with a novel diagnostic. He also was Program Executive of Tecfidera which he led through Phase 3, and head of R&D Strategic Planning and Operations. Earlier, he was a project leader at the Boston Consulting Group, where he worked across the biopharma and health care delivery sectors.

    Jason has an MBA from Wharton, an MD from UPenn and a BA from the University of Chicago.
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    Alex Brown

    Alex Brown is a partner at Recon. Prior to this role, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Scrum Inc., a firm specializing in agile strategy and rapid new product innovation. Before that Alex spent 6 years at BCG, where he was a leader in the healthcare and consumer strategy practice areas. His engagements included re-envisioning high performance network design for a major national PBM; and designing a "nudge unit" leveraging consumer psychology to improve patient outcomes for a leading retail pharmacy. Prior to BCG, Alex led demand forecasting of complex transportation networks for major public investments. Alex graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. and Masters in Engineering, and earned an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
  • FIRM

    [ Strategic, Pragmatic, Superior quality output ]

    Recon partners are hands-on and personally run our analysis and develop recommendations. The individuals our clients see when they hire us are the same individuals who actually work on the project. This team brings leading edge insight based on the depth and breadth of our experience in health care, our focus on the future, and our strong grounding in strategic thinking honed by our years at the Boston Consulting Group.

    [ Client friendly delivery model ]

    We have a client friendly engagement model that is collaborative, lightweight and flexible enough to adapt to vastly different requirements for time frame, pacing and resources. We often work collaboratively with "client case teams" rather than bringing in teams of junior consultants. This ensures continuity, momentum and ownership at the end of the project. Our core team is supported by a network of top-notch support services that we deploy seamlessly when needed.

    [ Value for Consulting Investment ]

    We are experienced at focusing strategy efforts on what really matters and not "boiling the ocean." We do not need large teams of junior consultants nor do we have to support expensive infrastructure such as internal research teams, PowerPoint specialists and admin. We run a lean ship and clients benefit with reasonable professional fees and low expenses. We are confident in the value we deliver and we will often tie significant portions of our compensation to performance in the form of contingent fees, deferred payments and equity arrangements.
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